The Hall: 50 Years of Brotherhood

From its opening in 1965 to its demolition next month, Davis Hall has been home to the four fraternities of Transylvania for the past 50 years. The strong Greek community has thrived under the roof of Davis, with its designated halls encompassing one of the most important aspects of Greek life at Transy: brotherhood and lifelong bonds.

Every year, it makes a triumphant return. Sprawled across the panes of the 16 windows of 4th Davis reads the bold phrase “YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE” in proud green and white letters. It’s a constant reminder for the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi that they shall not live their days in college or beyond without the support of their brothers; the Sea of Green that stretches far and wide. Whether making my way back to the dorm after a weekend at home, or after a long day on the academic side of campus, I know that “The Hall” and my brothers/best friends will always be there to welcome me.


As a sophomore, I was lucky to make it onto 4th Davis this year during its final voyage with the Beta Mu chapter, and really came to understand what makes the fraternity and its brothers so special. On “The Hall” you live in a tight-knit environment with 30 of your closest friends, a unique environment that you won’t see at any other time than your four years at Transy. Nearly everyone has their door open at all times, where pranks to parties, lip dubs to late night talks flourish. Go into practically anyone’s room at any time and there will be something going on whether it be fun, fascinating, or meaningful. Just by living on the hall I’ve seen Central Asian eyebrow cosmetics, original games like Sphinx Ball, playing with futuristic tech with the Oculus Rift, debates on police brutality, Wednesday night trips to Canada and so many others.

The Hall Sphinx
The Sphinx, by David Kring

It is a powerful living learning community where diverse interests, personalities, sexualities, and ethnicities are brought together by the three letters that we each wear upon our chest.  If I were to live in a community of only fellow Computer Science majors, then I’ll learn something. But throw me into a group of 100 guys covering every major and organization at Transylvania, and I’ll learn an incredible amount. By simply spending time with a brother that you don’t typically interact with you’re bound to learn so much about them, and from them. It’s cheesy, yeah, but it’s true that “Learning happens on both sides of Broadway” as my times on 4th Davis have added so much to the amazing experience that I’ve had so far at Transy.

Things are going to be different this coming fall as the fraternities move into Rosenthal aka “The ‘Thal” in a Greek village setting, but what isn’t going to change is the brotherhood and learning that were so prevalent in Davis. We’ll surely miss our beloved Hall, but we’re a flexible group that makes the best of what we’re given. I mean, Davis has been considered “old” for at least 10 years, and has still been just as central to the class of ’15 as it was to the class of ’75. We look forward to the future of Beta Mu and hope that a new hall is in our close future.

Have your own stories, memories and pictures from your time with Sig & Davis? Send them our way  at and we’ll feature them later this week! 


Erik Mudrak ’17


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