PTG and gearing up for senior year

Tonight marks the first night of Pass the Gavel (PTG) which is a time when the seniors of Beta Mu share stories about their time in the fraternity. This is one of the coolest traditions of our chapter because they are able to share their mind about anything and everything. Also, they pass down fraternity items that sometimes have been in the fraternity for years. I have always found this to be a great tradition because it allows for seniors to leave their time in the chapter with full disclosure.

Now that I am a junior and sitting in my third round of PTGs I am reflecting on my time in the chapter. I have gained so much from this chapter and grown as a person more than I could have imagined. The seniors have been extremely close to me in my time at Transylvania and it’s bittersweet to see their time ending at the University. However, I am super excited to be finishing up my junior year and I cannot wait to see what my senior year at Transy and in Delta Sig hold for me!


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